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straight spur and helical gears with involute toothing
Bevel Gear Design
Worm Gear Calculation


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Online calculation of change gears for machine tools

For all the possible gear ratio in fractions of seconds calculate
  • Milling of gears with the gear hob, gear hobbing, (PFAUTER).
    (Gears of diferential for additional rotation of the workpiece during manufacturing of helical gears)
  • For gear profile grinding machines, (NILES)
  • For gear tooth forming machine, (MAAG, LORENZ)
    (change gears for rolling processes)
  • Thread grinding machine:
    (change gears for the pitch, screw).
Change gears are mostly from two pairs of gears assembled, or double gear ratio:
actual value-gear ratio: i= A x C
Data input:
desired value: (given), or
Arithmetic expression,  Based on the machine data
Only decimal point "." is allowed, never comma ","
Largest/smallest number of teeth in the existing gear wheel set
desired preciseness (on, e.g. rounded to seven decimal figures):
rounded desired value = rounded actual value-gear ratio
desired gear ratio(".": right, ",": wrong):
The smallest number of teeth:
Largest number of teeth:
desired preciseness (decimal places):

Arithmetic expression:
e.g., For gear profile grinding machines, (NILES),the gear ratio for change gears of differential is expected in accordance with the following expression:
e.g., For a gear
  • Modul: m=2,5
  • number of teeth: z=38
  • Helix angle: ß=15°
In the input field for desired gear ratio is value, or an arithmetic expression, referring to SQL-language entered.
desired gear ratio:
1.21541124928717, or
pi()/180=angle in rad

or, for Helix angle of ß=15°22`18":

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